Travel Alone or with a Companion

Travel Alone or with a Companion. With today’s discovery of numerous travel destinations as well as decreased cost of moving from one region to another, it is not surprising that travelling has become a lifestyle. However, one of the most crucial questions that people ask themselves when it come s to travel, is whether to do it alone or with a companion. Both solo travel and traveling with a friend or as part of a group have their own pros and cons. However, most people can put off travelling based on the excuse that they have no one to accompany them.


Travelling alone however, can be very freeing. One experiences this kind of freedom in the sense that they do not have to wait for someone, adjust their schedule or arrangements for anyone else but instead, they are only responsible for themselves and what they want to experience, to be independent and make changes as they wish. On the other hand, travelling with a companion means you have someone to share experiences with them which is also a great way to connect.

Travelling alone however, forces you to make contact with a lot of people on the road and hence you get to not only improve your communication skills and confidence but also, you learn a lot and can forge valuable friendships and connections this way. Finally, once one overcomes the fear of travelling solo, they can find solace and rest by stepping out of their comfort zone and normal sights and experiences (Myers, 2018). If travelling solo helps one connect and learn about themselves, travelling with a companion helps them learn more about them and create a closer and more unique bond with them.

Traveling alone or with a companion: Which is better? - Lovicarious


To sum up, there is no best or worst option when choosing to either travel solo or with a companion. It depends on one’s current preferences, preparedness, compatibility of the travel partner and reason for travelling among other reasons.

What do you Prefer? Traveling Solo or With a Companion? – Padhaaro Blog


Myers, Z. M. (2018). How Does the Psychology of Loneliness Affect the Desire to Travel Alone?

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