Turning Passion Into a Career

Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses turning passion into a career. This paper tells that as with all careers that constantly undergo advancement and changes, the field of medicine is such that an individual needs to keep themselves abreast of the times. You have to keep learning new things and incorporate new developments and techniques in your day to day working. So the learning phase never actually ends. One can choose to shift it from the more informal ‘learning on the job’ level to a more formal ‘guided study’ one. My working environment is ideal to allow me the opportunity to further enhance my career and take it to the next level. I am planning on doing a Master’s Degree in Nursing to combine two of my passions together: teaching and nursing. Knowledge spreads through sharing and teaching a subject that you really love enhances the overall experience. A bit like sharing a hobby with the rest of the world. It adds to the pleasure. I would love to share my knowledge and experience in my field with others and facilitate new students as much as I can to help them become good nurses. It is not arrogance to believe that I would prove to be a good teacher. I have always found it to be a better experience learning from teachers whom I felt had a genuine passion for the subject. That passion and the joy of sharing makes you sincere with what you do. While working, I have picked up a few best practices here and there that help me tremendously with my tasks. I am sure more people can and will benefit from these. I know I would have if someone had offered me these bits of advice instead of me having to learn the hard way! I am at a point in my career where I can choose the path ahead for myself, both in terms of which route to take and also as far as workloads are concerned. It is of the paramount importance for me to choose my path with care. I currently have the option to take up a managerial role in our expanding laboratory or become a divisional leader. To take on new responsibilities in a new role, I feel it is important for me to augment my education by enrolling in a Master’s program. After giving it much thought, I have chosen to go with the clinical track since apart from helping me out in a new role, it will help me fulfill my dream of teaching nursing at college- or university level. When I was considering my options and planning for the future, I extensively searched through institutions and courses that suited me, browsing the web extensively as well as going through every prospectus I could get my hands on. I went through Norwich University’s website and liked it. I read through course-lists and any pertinent information on offer. Particularly, after watching the webinar, I was convinced that Norwich University would be the perfect place for me to embark on the next phase of my professional journey. As I have previously mentioned, right now is the ideal time for me for this undertaking: I have full support of my family and coworkers. I have been working long enough to be very comfortable with time management, prioritizing work and meeting deadlines. and I have no other obligations, commitments or hurdles that would keep me from devoting ample time to my studies. My working environment is conducive to learning as I am well-liked by my colleagues. Since I am always willing to pitch in and help out a colleague wherever I can, I get the same treatment in return.

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