type of music

Directions: Music is very important to me. I imagine you hear it around you as well. With television and commercials so prevalent, music plays a very important role setting the mood in commercials when advertising products. When we watch films, notice how music helps establish the mood and sets the pace and can create suspense. In life we also find that we play different types of music for different occasions. I like to listen to Classical and Baroque music when I read. I especially enjoy the “Four Seasons;” by Antonio Vivaldi when I want to listen to music that does not have words. The Autumn section of the “Four Season” is the one I usually play the most because I enjoy the loud and then suddenly soft parts of the dynamic levels played by the string players. I find that I do not ever get tired of listening to good musicians playing this composition. To me, I can hear it every day when I am reading the paper or in the car driving to work or going to the grocery store. I feel that this music is timeless and even though it is over 300 years old. (SLO 4) Your discussion prompt is to write about the type of music that you like to listen to on a daily basis in your daily life and explain why you enjoy listening to the music you selected

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