UK University Students

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic an investigation into the experience of international students studying in a uk university. This explains that their experience has been largely fulfilling. Being a traditional destination for higher education UK has been attracting students from all over the world for decades and henceforth has maintained a second position in the world in terms drawing international students following US. However, in the recent times, the government and higher education institution have had to face steep challenges to maintain the growth in the number of international students that they have been maintaining over the last decade or so (Zheng, 2012). It is believed that apart from the recent recession and competition from other countries, student’s experience while studying in UK can explain the reason for this challenge (Soo and Elliott, 2010). The relevance of this research lies in the explanation of international students’ experience while studying in UK, thereby commenting on the qualities and drawbacks of the education system. In addition to that, alongside explaining the experience of international students, this research will cater to highlight the educational framework implemented in the country that has been successful in rendering those experiences to the students. Aims and objectives The research paper will cater to fulfil the following aims and objectives: To do an in-depth analysis of experience of international students studying in a UK university. To comment on different aspects of the educational framework in UK those are responsible for providing such experiences. To highlight the challenges being faced by the government and educational institutions in maintaining the growth in the number of international students and its relationship with the experiences of international students. Literature review&nbsp. Bennell and Pearce (2003), OECD (2004) and Zammuto (2008) have come to a common conclusion that globalization has not only manifested itself through international trade and foreign direct investment but also through the rising trend on international student mobility in higher education. UK has been at the forefront receiving a pool of those international students migrating every year. According to Forland (2006), the rhetoric of internationalization suggests that, the underlying reason behind welcoming international students to UK higher education is to add benefits to the learning situation, to the students and to the institution as a whole. Most institutions now emphasize in internationalizing the student body and curriculum in order to provide them with world class experience. They believe that internationally focused educational perspective will enhance the learning experience of students. Surveys have shown that international students are largely satisfied with the study experience (Fernandez, 2011). However, some of them have regarded the experience of studying in UK as not of value for money. According to the author, international students are different in their own respect and they bring different prior experiences along with them to UK (Fernandez, 2011).

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