Unit II PowerPoint Presentation

Unit II PowerPoint Presentation


In this unit, various topics were discussed, including the hiring of officers. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to further explore this topic by creating a PowerPoint presentation. As the Human Resources manager for a police department, you have been asked by the police chief to create a proposal in order to hire additional officers for the department. To complete this assignment, you will want to include information from five (5) categories such as community information, the current organization, the marketing strategy, prospective officer job requirements, and the selection process.


More details are provided for these categories below:


1. Community Information: In this section you will want to include the size and location of the community, and any major issues.

2. The Current Organization: Prospective officers will want to know the current number of officers, the number of

officers that the department would like to hire, and the function, purpose, and goals of the department.

3. Marketing Strategy: In this section you will want to provide at least three sources which will post the advertisement and why these were selected. Also, include why this selection is important.

4. Job Requirements: Select at least three of the following. Provide an overview including a description of the requirement and why it is important (at least 3 sentences).

a. Education

b. Age

c. Criminal record restrictions

d. Physical requirements

e. Prior drug history

5. The Selection Process: Select at least four of the following. Provide an overview about the process and why it is important (at least 3 sentences).

a. Written entrance exam

b. Physical agility test

c. Polygraph examination

d. Oral interview

e. Background investigation

f. Medical examination

g. Psychological appraisal

The completed PowerPoint presentation should be at least 10 slides. Be sure to provide in-text citations and a reference

slide with proper APA formatting. The cover and reference slides do not contribute to the slide count. You may also use

the slide notes function to explain slide content as necessary.

Dempsey, J. S., & Forst, L. S. (2011, Pg. 53-65). Police. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar.


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