Universal Ethnic Identity Scale

Universal Ethnic Identity ScaleIn this discussion, you will begin to assess your ethnic identity:Identify a brief quote (1–3 sentences) from the introduction of the Development of the Universal Ethnic Identity Scale (UEIS) article that resonated with you or was a curiosity for you.Discuss your reaction to the quote.Review and respond to the 18 survey questions found on page 244 of the article. Use the Likert Scale: 1 (strongly agree); 2 (somewhat agree); 3 (neutral); 4 (somewhat disagree); or 5 (strongly disagree) to record your responses.Summarize and describe your ethnic identity measure based on this scale.Response Guidelines Respond to the posts of at least two learners. Compare and contrast responses to the chosen quote. Compare and contrast description of learner’s ethnic identity measure with your own.Learning Components This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:Discuss the process of assessing one’s ethnic identity.Resources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.The Development of the Universal Ethnic Identity Scale (UEIS) for Use in an Australian Context.

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