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Anticipated Salary

Tom has just received a new job offer

He is told that his starting Salary will be 75,000. Per year

He is also told that his salary will probably be 83,000 in four years

We will use this data to try to anticipate his future earnings in any given year

Assume that y is Tom’s Salary amount in dollars and x= the number of years worked

Step 1

Use the data given to find the rate of change or the salary increase per year (Hint: compute the slope)

We are now going to use a line to model Tom’s salary growth

2. Use the data given and slope value from Step 1 to write the slope-intercept form of the line

Step 3

Based on your equation from Step 2 what will Tom’s salary be in ten years

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The circus is coming to town; Cindy is selling tickets. The first day she sold 8 adult tickets and 5 children’s tickets for a total of $177.50 in sales.

The second day she received she received 255.00 for 12 Adult tickets and 6 children’s tickets.

What is the price of a child’s tickets? What is the price of an Adult ticket?

To receive a full credit for your solution you need to:

1. Write down two Algebraic Equation that model this circus ticket scenario.

2. Show how you solved the problem by using the elimination method, the substitution method, or the graphical method (Other methods such as “guess and check” are not sufficient.

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