Us History 1865-Present

Students may write a paper using any of the “research kits,” which contain both primary and secondary sources on different topics. The kits can be found here. ( These collections cover several of the topics we discuss in class. Students should choose one research kit and, after carefully reading through the documents and choosing sources that can be analyzed together to form a coherent, persuasive argument, select roughly 6-10 primary source documents from the research kit to use in the final paper. Depending on the type of primary sources used, your essay may include more or fewer than the suggested range. For example, a student who relies on oral histories may only need to include 6 or 7 oral history interviews in order to find enough evidence to make a persuasive argument. On the other hand, a student who is primarily relying on newspaper articles and images may need to incorporate 10 or more sources to support a good argument.

Your final paper must also use at least one secondary source such as a scholarly book or article from the research kit.

The final paper should be approximately 2000 words, which is twice the length of the first paper. The paper:

• should be framed by a clear introductory paragraph;

• include a strong and persuasive thesis statement that concludes the introductory paragraph;

• contain good transition and topic sentences that frame body paragraphs within the paper; and

• include numerous body paragraphs that thoughtfully analyze the primary and secondary source material and build an argument within the paper.

• Citations should include properly formatted footnotes that use Chicago Style.

• The paper should include a “works cited” page that includes all referenced texts, both primary and secondary, properly formatted in Chicago Style.

• The paper should have a title;

• be double-spaced; and

• be typed in 12-point font with one-inch margins and page numbers.

Students should consult the Chicago Manual of Style as they compose footnotes and a works cited page.

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