Veganism is Fictionalism

1. Use proper 8th edition MLA style for paper headings, page numbering, in-text citations, Works Cited page. 2. Double-space entire paper (do not use extra spacing to fulfill page requirement); 12 point font (Times New Roman or its equivalent from another word processor other than Microsoft Word). 3. The final research paper is to be 5+ pages of text (full pages), an additional Appendix and Works Cited page will also be included. 4. No cover sheet for MLA.5. Unless used in a direct quote, do not use second-person voice or contractions. Evaluation Criteria: 1. Has the paper made a worthwhile contribution to the knowledge of the other members of the class? 2. Has the investigation been thorough enough to be convincing? 3. Is the paper unified around a research thesis? 4. Is the paper “original” in that it takes an approach to the research thesis that has not already been rehashed again and again in print? Does the paper include an original alternative source? 5. Does the paper include research methods suitable to the question it asks? 6. Is the paper substantiated well with documented evidence? 7. Is the documentation (including quoted and paraphrased material) handled smoothly and accurately?

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