Victimless Crimes

When it comes to the possession and carrying of firearms or the illegal purchase of a firearm whether or not it is a victimless crime is dependent on the person. Some people find it is the firearm not the person that kills while others believe if criminals did not have access to firearms, legal or illegal; they could not kill with these weapons. People who support the Second Amendment and disagree with gun control legislation find any intrusion on their right to bear arms is a hardship causing them to be victims of an oppressive government. The possession of a legal gun is not a crime but a right.

A victimless crime is a crime which causes no actual person harm. Possessing a firearm illegally is a crime because the law requires citizens to register the guns they own. If an illegal gun is used in a crime it is not the fault of the gun but the criminal who choose to use the weapon in the crime. This opinion is not supported by everyone especially gun control advocates. Intelligent policymaking requires that the negative effects of Gun control be weighed against the potential benefits (Hartmann, 2012). One potential cost is the restriction of the Second Amendment right of the citizen while the befit would be better restrictions on gun ownership.

In order to be victimless crimes there cannot be any victims. This is not the case with guns. Guns make victims. If there were no guns or ownership was strictly regulated there would be fewer people in society killed by guns. While there are millions of people who own guns without causing any harms or using their right to bear arms to commit crimes there are also many that do. Many believe with better gun control there would be fewer violent crimes. When criminals do not have access to guns there will be fewer violent deaths.

The person wielding the gun causes the victim or harm to society. The gun is just the weapon. Stricter gun control will only result in more illegal guns on the street from both criminals and legitimate citizens. Prohibiting guns is not the answer because it violates a fundamental right of the citizen but putting into place better measures to regulate access of guns by criminals or the mentally ill would ensure fewer victimless crimes involving gun possession will occur. There will always be tow side to the argument concerning gun control but legally owning a gun is not a crime so therefore there are no victims.


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