War Photographer Discussion Questions

Watch the documentary War Photographer: James Nachtwey: Here (Links to an external site.)

Just a heads up, there are graphic scenes of death and violence in the documentary

Complete the following discussion questions: BISMCS 343 Nachtwey War Photographer Questions.docx


Your answers can be in 1-2 sentence bullet points.


James Nachtwey – War Photographer Discussion Questions


In your respective teams today, please discuss and answer the following questions from the film War Photographer:






  1. Does James Nachtwey have a reason for photographing war? Does he have a purpose or mission behind his work? How does this compare with the Reuters video cameraman?
















  1. What is your reaction to watching the real-time footage of James Natchtwey at work photographing? How is it different from others in his field, how does it translate in his images?



















  1. What is your opinion of the media landscape today? Specifically the public’s appetite for serious in-depth news as well as the commitment of news organizations to cover it.

















  1. As a journalist, writer, photographer, videographer what are the ethical boundaries covering war, atrocity, abject poverty? Are there lines that must be drawn? If so, what are they?


















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