Week 1 Discussions

Week 1 Discussion 1

“Police Operations in Context”  Please respond to the following:

· Read the article titled “Sustaining Police Operations at an Efficient and Effective Level under Difficult Economic Times”, located here. You may also view the article here.

· Determine at least two (2) major issues law enforcement administrators should take into consideration to ensure sustained police operations at a high level. Justify your response.

Please also reply to the student

Tenesia Buggs 

RE: Week 1 Discussion 1

Determine at least two (2) major issues law enforcement administrators should take into consideration to ensure sustained police operations at a high level. Justify your response.


Hi everyone and Professor Kilbane! The first major issue that administrators should take into consideration to ensure sustained police operations at a high level is the type of crime the department handles the most. If a police agency is forced to make budget cuts and consolidate services, the first step is to determine what areas have the most need. Let’s say that a police agency is having a problem with gang activity. The on-going conflict between rivaling gangs has resulted in large increase of homicides. As a result, the police department’s focus is on eliminating the gang activity in that community. Being that the increase in homicides is coming from gang activity, the administration would seek to sustain their gang taskforce officers and homicide divisions while cutting back in other areas. If the administrators allowed these areas to take cuts, there could be dire consequences. To assist with deciding what areas can be consolidated, administrators can do research on police agencies of similar size that also have a gang activity problem. Doing research would give some idea of what changes to make, paint a picture of the worst and best case scenarios, and assist administrators in planning for all possibilities.

Another major issue for administrators to consider is the caliber of officers working for the department. If the idea is to maintain a high level of police service, there should not be room for “bad apples” to hinder the process. When an agency is facing economic crisis, often employees are asked to take on heavier loads without receiving an increase in pay. It would take officers with drive to continue doing the job to the best of their ability, knowing that their pay, benefits, and even their jobs are on the line. The bad apples would add to the problem that the department is trying to solve.

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Week 1 Discussion 2


“The Other Half”  Please respond to the following:

· Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following:

. According to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), over one billion people in the world today are caught in the poverty trap. Identify key economic, social, or political reasons why some people within the developing world live on $1 a day. Next, determine at least three (3) possible economic, social, or political steps that developing countries overall can take to extricate their poor citizens from this dilemma.

Please also reply to the student


Lawrence Pfaff 

RE: Week 1 Discussion 2

There are several contributing factors that lead to people in the developing world to live on a $1 a day. Little to no education, no birth control, and no formal infrastructure. Little to no education results in the lack of knowing or understanding changes that need to be made for development. No birth control leads to high rate of births. Without changing the educations, they continue to repeat it over and over again. As the populations continue to grow, but the development does not, resources are overextended, or limited, and there is not enough to support the people. This becomes a vicious cycle until change is implemented and development begins and grows.

Implementing birth control will help control the population. Nothing from nothing means nothing. This is a hard lesson to learn, but once they understand this change can begin. A substantial investment needs to be made for upgrades and technology. Building roads will allow for easy transportation, which leads to utilities and growth. Finally, none of the changes will have an impact without proper education. Even with changes, being self-sustaining is just as important a growth. Know what you need and caring for it all come through education. Teaching all children the fundamentals will ensure the growth and success of the people.

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