Week 4 Final Project


In the first three projects, you conducted research and developed your concept into a viable business idea. In this final part of your project, you will use the information you’ve gathered and all that you have learned during your degree program about entertainment and media companies. You will create and deliver a 3–5 minute presentation of your business idea that you or someone else can take action with in the future.

What You’ll Need

  • Your MacBook Pro laptop
  • Internet access
  • Project 4 Planning Template (Download section)
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Apple Keynote


Download the Project 4 Planning Template:

  • EBS490_Project4Template_copy_57b6aec1-fac2-4389-861d-5e063cd0e60c.docx94 KB


Project 4 Planning and Guidelines Template

Answer the following questions directly on the Project 4 Planning Template. When you have answered these two questions, save the Word file and submit it along with your slide presentation.

  1. Describe the critical success factors of a successful presentation. What are the specific goals you hope to achieve and how will your success in achieving these goals be measured?
  2. Describe the intended target audience for your presentation. Is your presentation     designed for investors, employers, partners, clients, or others? Be specific.

Presentation Guidelines 

Create a 3–5 minute audio/visual presentation describing your proposed venture using Keynote or PowerPoint. Use the following guidelines and address each of the elements listed below. (Begin your presentation with an introductory slide that includes the title of your presentation and your name.)

You may be as creative as you wish in your presentation as long as all of the required content below is clearly and thoroughly covered.

1.  Describe Your Concept/Venture (Product/Service)

  1. Discuss the current state of the sector you have chosen, as well as trends in the sector.
  2. Describe strategic opportunities and the potential for future growth in the          sector.
  3. Describe your business concept, mission statement, and management      structure. Explain how your business concept solves a problem or fills an unmet need.

2.  Competitive Advantage

  1. List your competitors.
  2. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor(s).
  3. Evaluate your competitors in terms of the following categories: products, price, promotion, and distribution.
  4. Explain what makes your concept/venture unique.
  5. How will you gain market share and successfully outperform competitors? Will this be based primarily on price, service, relationship, or quality? Explain your competitive strategy.

3.  Marketing Strategy

  1. Identify your target consumer.
  2. Describe the key features, benefits, and differentiators of the venture.
  3. Provide your brand positioning statement.
  4. List the four Ps (product, price, promotion, and distribution) for your venture.

4.  Finance  

  1. What are the start-up costs and the direct costs related to the creation of your product/service?
  2. What is your anticipated revenue during each quarter of the first year? When will you break even and turn a profit? How will you ensure adequate monthly cash flow to maintain required operations during the first year?
  3. How will you finance the business?

5.  Legal and Ethics

  1. Describe the proposed structure of the entity.
  2. Explain the intellectual property requirements, opportunities, and risks.
  3. Discuss any required legal documents and/or regulatory considerations.
  4. Describe the ethical philosophies/guiding principles of the venture as well as any relevant ethical issues.

6. Conclusion

  1. Provide a convincing argument regarding the financial viability for this venture.
  2. Explain why external entities should want to invest in your venture.

7. References 

If you represent the thoughts, ideas, words, or images of others, be sure to give credit and cite your sources by indicating the author, date, title, and website link where this information was found.


  1. Save your Project 4 Planning Template as either an MS Word or PDF document.
  2. Save your audiovisual presentation as either a Keynote or PowerPoint file with    audio, or as an .mp4 file.
  3. Name both files as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Project 4

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