Week 6 Discussions

“Education” Please respond to the following:

· Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following:

. Outline the most significant obstacles to obtaining an education in developing countries. Suggest at least two (2) reasons why education should be a priority in the developing world. Next, propose significant overall strategies – aside from building more schools – that those in leadership positions in developing countries may use in order to help their people escape poverty through education.


Please also reply to the student


Rachael Brown 

RE: Week 6 Discussion 1

The most significant obstacle to obtaining an education in developing countries is funding. Money is needed to fund the education system so they can bring in skilled teachers to educate the students in the classroom. If money is a problem then it will be hard to find teachers, then it will be hard for students to find a job if they do not finish their education. Providing funding to school systems in developing countries should take priority because this affects our future children of the world. If our children are educated, then they are more likely to find a decent paying job. Another reason this should take priority is because it allows the developing countries to grow economically. If there is proper funding for the education system, then this could allow for better job opportunities that could benefit the developing countrWeek 6 Discussion 2


“Preparing for Emergencies”  Please respond to the following:

· Read the scenario below. Use the Internet to research the various grant opportunities for outfitting emergency response units. Then, select two (2) funds that you would apply for based on the scenario. Provide a rationale for your selection.

Imagine that you are the director of homeland security for a state where several high-risk terrorism targets are located. There is a high probability of hazardous material incidents and you have identified credible threats associated with the emerging sovereign citizens’ movement. Your state agency is well prepared by having response units in place. However, you don’t have the funds to properly outfit all possible response units for each of the possible threats. Your agency is eligible to receive federal grant funds and you have been tasked with researching and writing the grant proposal.

· Over the last few years, potential pandemics have gained increased attention among law enforcement professionals at both the state and local levels. As the top law enforcement official in your community, develop a reaction plan, which contains the first three (3) main procedures to maintain public orders if a pandemic occurred. Provide a rationale for your response.


Please also reply to the student


Sergio Garcia 

RE: Week 6 Discussion 2

Well the two grants I found that would help all law enforcement agencies for the state would be what are known as the (SCOMF) and (SVNG) mobile forensic grants. Basically software that compatible with current tools used today, it helps with capturing deleted data, texts, calls and applications information from social networking sites, crucial for monitoring and surveillance of known terrorists groups.   As for the hazardous Materials issue I would use ( FEMA GRANTS) like ( Hazard Mitigation Assistance) which fall under fema and provide three programs mitigation grant program ( HMGP) , the (FMA) flood mitigation assistance, and (DPM) pre-disaster mitigation. But in this case the (Hazard Mitigation) would be the grant used, which helps with reducing long term risk to people and property from natural disasters.

As for the three things or main procedures to maintain public orders if a pandemic occurred, ( Provide security for vaccine/treatment transport and vaccine distribution sites. 2 Be prepared to assist in executing public health orders. 3 Provide initial site security needed at medical facilities and similar venues and assist with handling mass fatalities.

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