Week 7 Part 1 Enoc for Public Admin

Week 7  Enoc for Public Admin



  1. Review links to complete discussion:


Monetary Policy Basics  https://www.federalreserveeducation.org/about-the-fed/structure-and-functions/monetary-policy












  1. Monetary and Fiscal Policy- PLEASE REVIEW

Monetary Policy has to do with federal control over the supply of money. That is, how much money exists, how much is circulating, and at what interest rates is it made available? Click the link below to watch a short video explaining what the Federal Reserve does.




Fiscal Policy, on the other hand, has to do with taxing and spending in order to balance the market, as the video below explains.











3.   Economic Policy White Paper

A white paper is a persuasive and informative paper on a complex issue. Businesses use them for marketing purposes, but nonprofits and government organizations use them to make a case for certain policies or programs. For the Economic Policy White Paper, you will write a 10-page paper making the case for an economic policy that you have found effective at addressing an economic problem of your choosing. Assignments through the semester will help you identify a public problem; identify the economic elements impacting the problem; policy solutions that address the problem; and making the case for your recommended solution. This white paper will be grounded in and will make use of course materials and themes. PLEASE REVIEW RUBRIC

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