What is Biliteracy and how is it developed through dual language instruction?

Question 1: What is biliteracy and how is it developed through dual language instruction? Biliteracy is often recognized as the first goal or pillar of dual language bilingual education programs. However, there is often significant confusion among teachers, administrators, parents, and students about what biliteracy is, and this confusion can undermine the effectiveness of a dual language program. In this exam question, you will prepare two products: one for an academic audience on the question of what biliteracy is, and another for a parent community audience on the question of what biliteracy is and how it is developed through dual language instruction. Part I: A literature review addressed to an academic audience First, write a brief but formal and scholarly review of the literature that answers the focal question, What is biliteracy? Please be sure to define the term biliteracy and, as you do so, compare and contrast several different definitions used in the literature. Give specific examples in your discussion. Because this is a literature review, your audience is an academic audience including researchers, professors, and fellow graduate students. Specifications for the literature review: 5-6 pages Double-spaced 12 pt. font, Times Roman, one-inch margins A minimum of 5 sources to support the information Include all the usual parts of a literature review: introduction with a statement of the focus/question/thesis; sections that answer the question using evidence from scholarly sources; conclusion; and transitions between all sections. Use subheadings that clearly identify the sections.

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