Who Can Do A Video Review Of China & Write A Review For 12 Listed Videos?

Pick 10 video reports of your review of each video & reflection (5-6 pages total), preferably using a  “WORD” document. Must have a cover page:


  1. – 4. China from Inside (each part counts as one video report)     DVD    592      2007

This is a documentary produced by PBS that critically looks at major rapid changes in China.  The documentary has four parts (one hour each).   Episode 1:  Power and the People, Episode 2:  Women of the Country, Episode 3:  Shifting Nature, and Episode 4:  Freedom and Justice.


  1. Young and Restless in ChinaDVD 10012008


Frontline explores the generation coming of age in China today. Shot over four years, the film follows a group of nine young Chinese from across the country as they scramble to keep pace with a society changing fast as any in history. Their stories of ambition and desire, exuberance, crime and corruption are interwoven with moments of heartache and despair. Together they paint an intimate portrait of the generation that is remaking China. Young and Restless in ChinaDVD 10012008


  1. -7. The New Silk Road (each part counts as one video report)2019

China’s global reach and influence have made them a true global superpower, a status they are determined to widen ever further through the construction of a complex set of interconnections between Asia and all of Europe. This is one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects of the modern age. In the two-part documentary The New Silk Road, two journalists examine the intricacies of its construction, the Chinese interests that are likely to benefit most from it, and the citizens along the route who are bracing for its disastrous impact on their way of life.


  1. Nothing Miraculous about it: China’s Economic Growth 2018

The Chinese economy is extraordinarily difficult to understand, for foreign and Chinese observers alike. Within the same prestigious financial papers, on the same day, readers are informed that China is an unstoppable economic juggernaut and that it is headed for the netherworld in handbaskets of corruption, pollution, and mismanagement.


  1. – 10. Son of Adam (counts as two video reports) 2014

The film is a work of religious metaphors and daily realities, implicitly and skillfully using urban expansion in China, which has been the hot China-related topic in recent years, as the narrative background. The meaning is being implied through a frosty representation of the great difficulties of being human. Humanity lives in the moment and keeps on existing, while the author deliberately hides his criticism and compassion deep inside the unpretentious images…



  1. Education, Education2012

In ancient times in China, education was the only way out of poverty – in recent times it has been the best way.  China’s economic boom and talk of the merits of hard work have created an expectation that to study is to escape poverty.  But these days China’s higher education system only leads to jobs for a few, educating a new generation to unemployment and despair.



  1. Lao Ma and His Family2011

This film is about a Chinese farmer and migrant worker, Lao Ma, and his family. This documentary shows what like is like for a typical rural Chinese citizen. You must view this film yourself and form your own opinion about the other side of China’s economic development.



  1. Miles Apart2011

Miles Apart is an observational documentary, intimately looking at the clash of different generations and cultures in a rapidly changing China. Twelve years ago, Laomao and his wife Meizi left their two children in the countryside to build a business 600 miles away.  The separation of Chinese families by migration is a story shared by a quarter of rural parents, most of whom can relate to the frustrations of working hard for seemingly ungrateful children.



  1. The Chinese Bubble2011

Don’t let the glittering towers, luxury houses and neon skylines fool you. While China has undergone a profound economic transformation in recent decades, the flashy facade of wealth hides a much more complicated reality which is currently being experienced by the country’s non-elite classes.  The country’s current economic model has only deepened the imbalance between the rich and the poor.



  1. China or Bust2007

China is a land of opportunity. It’s a place where dreams could come true. But Chinese entrepreneurs, unleashed after 50 years of communism, are taking no prisoners in their own relentless quest for wealth. In the wild east, only the toughest will survive. British businessmen are risking everything as they venture into the real dragon’s den. Who will make their fortune and who will return home penniless?



  1. The Great Wall of China2007It was the most ambitious building project ever attempted in the history of mankind.The story of its building, one of human drama, labor and loss, is told in this film through three individuals, each one central to the tale.


  1. Explore China 2006China’s rapid growth impacts the environment locally and globally. In a world affected by globalization, China embodies the phenomenon in both positive and negative ways. China’s modern society provides a better life for many but also brings with it a loss of cultural tradition and natural resources. The Explore team delves into issues such as the environment, human rights, public health, social change, philosophy and education.


  1. Getting Rich2006It is one of the most extraordinary transformations of our time – China. A country long in the grip of communism is now devoted to private enterprise. That is what they had to do for the ordinary people of China to become richer. This new economic superpower is taking on the West. But China’s surging economy has a dark side. Can China keep moving forward or will the forces of change tear it apart?




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