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Task: Create a 24-page book that teaches about the topic of global climate change. You must strictly follow the format guidelines listed below! This project must be easy-to-read, creative, neat, and should display the time, effort, and accuracy put forth by the student.


Software of Choice: Microsoft Word → Search for “Student Report” or use the template provided by your instructor


Format Guidelines: The following content must be included:

Cover Page: Book Title (Global Climate Change), (A Book Project by Student Name), Course Name, Date,

New Background Image (+15 pts)


Page 1: Table of Contents (Must include Chapter Numbers, Section Titles, Headings, Pages) (+15 pts)


Page 2: Chapter 1 (Include a brief summary of the contents of this chapter. Minimum of 5 sentences!) (+3 pts)


Pages 3-5: Section 1. Ozone Depletion (+3 pts)

  • Heading 1|Layers of the Atmosphere (Include a diagram with labels) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 2|Montreal Protocol (What is it? How does it work?) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 3|Ground-level Ozone vs. Stratospheric Ozone (Compare, Explain environmental & health effects of the different types of ozone) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 4|Solutions to Ground-Level Ozone (+15 pts)
  • Heading 5|Solutions to the Hole in the Ozone (Where is it located? Why does it exist?) (+15 pts)


Page 6: Chapter 2 (Include a brief summary of the contents of this chapter. Minimum of 5 sentences!) (+3 pts)


Pages 7-9: Section 2. Causes of Global Climate Change (+3 pts)

  • Heading 1| Greenhouse Gasses (What are they? Where do they come from? What percentage?) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 2| Greenhouse Effect (+15 pts)
  • Heading 3| EPA’s Regulated Air Pollutants (+15 pts)
  • Heading 4| El Nino & La Nina (Compare and explain how each effects the environment) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 5| Major Types of Fossil Fuels (Pros and cons of each; include: oil, natural gas, & coal) (+15 pts)


Page 10: Chapter 3 (Include a brief summary of the contents of this chapter. Minimum of 5 sentences!) (+3 pts)


Pages 11-14: Section 3. Effects of Global Climate Change (+3 pts)

  • Heading 1| Climate Change as an Example of Positive Feedback Loops (explain) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 2| Industrial vs. Photochemical Smog (List specific examples of each) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 3| Temperature Changes (List specific examples) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 4| Changes in Precipitation (List specific examples) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 5| Sea Level Changes (List specific examples) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 6| Changes in Global Ice (List specific examples) (+15 pts)
  • Heading 7| Changes in Biota (List specific examples) (+15 pts)
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