WK 6 Assignment

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WK 6 Assignment

ExercisesWeek 6 Assignment

Use the files in the mgisdata\Austin\Austin geodatabase to answer the following questions:

1. Give the name of the watershed in Austin that contains the most wells. How many wells does it contain? Which watersheds have the deepest and shallowest average well depths?

2. How many wells are there in the WATERFRONT zoning code in Austin? Use the O_NAME field from the zoneoverlays feature class. How many of the wells have depths less than 100 feet?

WK 6 Assignment

3. Which zoning category (O_NAME) in Austin contains the most wells?

4. What are the minimum, maximum, and average distances from barbeque (bbq) pits to the closest restroom?

5. An elementary school pool fun day is planned. If each school goes to the closest pool to it, which pool will have the most schools attending? Create a map that would be helpful to planners in reassigning schools to less crowded pools. (Note: You must export the elementary school selection to a new feature class before joining, because the distance join does not honor the selected set. This may be a bug.)

WK 6 Assignment

6. Examine the table from Exercise 5 closely, and you will find a problem with your initial analysis. What is it? What would you need to change to get a better result?

7. Which post office potentially serves the greatest number of people, based on the block group population data? Which one serves the least? (Note: The post office locations are one of the types of information in the facilities feature class.)

WK 6 Assignment

Use the data in the mgisdata\Oregon\oregon geodatabase to answer the following questions:

8. Which city in Oregon is farthest from an airport? What is the distance in kilometers?

9. Assuming that an airport’s service area includes all of the cities that are closer to it than to any other airport, determine how many cities each airport serves. Which airport serves the most cities? How many cities? Which serves the most people? How many people? Why does the Sum_POP2000 field contain negative values?

WK 6 Assignment

10. A boating club would like to know which parks in Oregon have the best access to lakes. Find the number of lakes and total lake area in each park. Which park(s) have the most lakes and how many? Which park has the greatest area of lakes? Examine parks with only one lake. The sum of the area fields for these lakes keeps repeating the same few numbers. Explain why. How is the Columbia River affecting this analysis?

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