Workplace Informative Article Assignment

Workplace Informative Article Assignment For this assignment, you will write an Informative Article on a transformative leader. An informative article is a thesis-driven article in which you deliver primary research (that is, research gained through interview and/or observation) and secondary research with interesting and surprising information on your subject. In this case, you are being asked to report on a transformative leader of your choice. Purpose of this Assignment In addition to helping you learn more about transformative leadership, this assignment will help you understand how transformative leadership traits are put into practice. What make transformative leaders effective? Why are they successful? How do they communicate? Engage? This assignment is also designed to help you develop your research and analytical skills; practice using detail and description, angle of vision, voice, and tone to appeal to an audience; and organize and design an article suitable to be published in a professional publication. Completing the Assignment In addition to referring back to the practice writing where you researched Transformative Leadership, you will need to conduct additional research to learn more about this leadership approach. You will also research Transformative leaders, so you may choose one to make the feature presentation of your article. Steps to Take 1. Conduct additional research on transformative leadership to make sure you understand the qualities that make up a Transformative Leader. 2. Choose a Transformative leader to feature in your professional publication of choice—magazine, journal, newspaper, online or in print. 3. Interview your leader of choice. 4. Research additional information on your leader of choice. 5. Present the information using the required language, format, and presentation of the publication you have chosen. Consider the audience of the publication. You will need to research this. Content of the Article Your goal is to inform your audience about the person you researched. What do you want your reader to learn about this person and from this person? What practices does this person use that makes them successful? Use quotes, describe practices, and try to find ways to motivate your reader to adapt these leadership traits and elevate their work as leaders. Include the story of this person’s career and how their leadership approach and philosophies have helped them achieve success in their roles. Writing Guidelines Your article should be 500-700 words. The format will vary, depending on the publication you envision your article in. Though the audience will also vary depending on where your article will be published, your writing should be geared towards a professional, workplace audience interested in becoming better leaders within their workplace. In addition to your interview(s), you must use two (2) additional sources, periodicals, books, newspaper articles, and or magazines. Remember to cite within your article and on a Works Cited page. Grading Criteria To effectively address this assignment, your article should: • Focus on expanding the readers’ knowledge of Transformative leadership. • Convey new information and emphasize facts. • Include evidence derived from interviews and research, using in-text citations. • Motivate the readers with new and challenging information about your chosen leader. • Present the information using language, tone, structure, and design appropriate for the chosen publication. Please see the grading rubric for additional details. Content The article does an exceptional job of expanding the readers’ knowledge of Transformative leadership, conveying new information and emphasizing facts, including evidence derived from interviews and research, using in-text citations, and motivating the readers with new and challenging information about your chosen leader. Design The article’s design is exceptional. It is clearly and logically organized and includes images, captions, headings/subheadings, fonts, phrases, and any other design tool, and they are used effectively, engaging the reader throughout, making it easy to follow along. Style and Conventions Language, tone, and style is exceptionally appropriate for the targeted audience, the material being covered, and the publication. The article is error free.

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