Write Reflection Response In Media At Least 100~150 Words.

Write two reflection response in media at least 100~150 words.



Respond to AT LEAST two other students’ original responses thoughtfully and thoroughly in a manner that invites an extension of the conversation by deadline. In other words, “I totally agree with you.” is NOT a sufficient response. Each peer response should be at least 5 – 6 sentences, or a paragraph in length, and may be longer.






Classmate’s answer A



1. Come up with several television shows that serve as examples of “quality” programs and “trashy” programs. What characteristics determine their quality (plots, subject matter, themes, characters…)?

I believe that shows such as those on HGTV, the Food Network, as well as National Geographic and the History channel are television shows that contain substance. Sitcoms such as friends, the office, and How I met your mother are programs with quality. On the other hand, Channels such as MTV, E, and Bravo are networks that contain shows that are not of substance. Television shows such as, the Kardashians and the Bachelor are shows that are trashy.


2.Is there anything you can think of that is “universally trashy”? Or universally in good taste?

Personally, I believe most reality TV shows can be considered trashy. Although they can be addicting they contain absolutely no substance to them. Most shows on Disney Channel as well as on Nickelodeon contain no substance to them and instead are simply there for pure entertainment. I believe reality TV shows can be considered universally trashy and intellectual shows such as episodes on The Food Network and the History channel can be considered Universally good taste.


3.On the whole, are Americans seen as having good taste? Why or why not? Is there a country/culture that always seems tasteful in its cultural products?

I have noticed that whenever my family from Europe comes to visit they comment on how Americans seem to portray themselves as grimmie and uneducated. It definitely depends on where in America they are talking about. Generally, I have noticed that in Europe or in other countries outside of America people want to seem more intelligent and put together.


4.Which model (Culture as Skyscraper or Culture as Map) makes more sense to you and why?

Personally culture as a skyscraper makes more sense to me than culture as a map because the outline of the skyscraper is a lot more visually appealing and differentiates between the more intellectual parts of media and the less so. The higher up on the skyscraper indicates the more sophisticated of the media whereas the lower down the less sophisticated it gets. On the other hand the map shows how all types of media connect although this may be accurate the way the map is depicted is confusing to me.





My reply to a friend discussion :





Classmate’s answer B :

There are many shows that portray positive and intellectual messages. They consist of; Sesame Street and Jeopardy. Both these shows stimulate the brain and cause you to think. Sesame Street teaches young kids morals and values that should be followed in our society. To keep the children interested in the show almost all the characters in this show are puppets or animated. Jeopardy is a trivia show that covers areas from history to modern day sports. Anybody can try out and get on the show as a contestant to compete.

On the other hand there are several shows that may be perceived as “trashy”. Some shows that are considered in that category would be Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Jersey Shore. Both these shows may be considered unethical because of the constant display of nudity, profanity, and drugs/alcohal. Since these are reality shows people may interpret these acts as common and acceptable when they clearly acting immoral.

I believe The Food Network would be considered universally accepted because this channel is only focused on cooking shows. All of the shows include the same basic elements of teaching the viewers how to cook and prepare a meal. There is no negative aspects such as profanity inaprpoate behavior in these types of shows.

From what I have come across Americans are seen as materialistic and selfish. Because of this the people they tend to surround themselves with people that would benefit them in society rather than people they would typically enjoy being with. This can be seen in several scenarios including school. In school everyone is trying to fit in, so they are willing to change themselves in order to be part of something and accepted.

Culture as a skyscraper is defined as different cultures that are viewed as a hierarchy, where the more superior societies are at the top while the “lesser societies are towards the bottom. This makes more sense to me rather than as a map because I don’t believe that all cultures are viewed as if they were on the same page. Many look down onto other cultures because of there different ideals and principles.



My reply to a friend discussion :



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