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In this module, we have looked at rites of passages, important milestones that individuals and communities mark as the individual becomes a fully fledged member of society. You have all participated in a rite of passage of some sort, e.g., confirmation, hazing, induction into military service, graduation ceremony, etc. Reread the textbook section on initiation rites (Lesson 7 Religion and Wisdom of the World/Pedagogical Value of Religion. Take one of the rites of passage you have experienced. Remember, this is a ritual that involves both you (and possibly your peers) AND a community that recognizes you and your peers. Analyze this experience in terms of its component parts and also its effect on you. In a well-crafted, double-spaced, 1-2-page essay (font size 11), describe the rite of passage in terms of Von Gennep’s three phases: separation, liminality, and incorporation. Be sure to indicate who is present at each stage, where each stage occurs, and whether special clothing is worn or special tools are employed. Did you have a guide? Was there a special master of ceremonies? How did you feel when you were in each of these three different states?

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