Type: Individual Project

Unit:  Default

Due Date:  Mon, 10/17/16

Deliverable Length:  1-2 pages

Writing/Discussion Exercises (Page 48): Choose one of the questions numbered 1-3 and write a 1-2 page essay on your selected situation. Please incorporate concepts learned from your readings.

1. Write an essay (or discuss) the ethical systems in regard to the following situations:

a. In the movie Sophie’s Choice, a woman is forced to choose which one of her

children to send to the gas chamber. If she does not decide, both will be killed.

How would ethical formalism resolve this dilemma? How would utilitarianism

resolve it?

b. There is a continuing debate over whether the United States had to bomb Hiroshima

and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. Present the arguments on both

sides. Now consider this: Are they utilitarian arguments, ethical formalist arguments,

or some other?

2. Write an essay on (or discuss) the basic nature of humans. Are we basically altruistic?

Basically egoistic? Include in this essay responses to the following and examples to

support your answer: What are the “natural” inclinations of human beings? Do you

think most people do the right thing out of habit or out of reason?

3. Write an essay (or discuss) whether ethics and morals are relative or absolute. Are

there absolute moral truths, or is morality simply an individual’s definition of right and

wrong? Should everyone have the right to decide which behaviors are acceptable for

them? Should all cultures have the right to decide what is right? If you believe there are

absolute definitions of right and wrong, what are they?