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Effective verbal, non-verbal, written and technical communication skills are essential to your success. Completing this assignment will provide you with an opportunity to practice your written communication skills in an area you will likely use in the workplace, now and in the future – composing a business email. Prepare to successfully complete this assignment: First, review the video and article: Video: How to write a formal email in English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQXgcK8zfXM Article: Writing Effective Emails: Getting People to Read and Act on Your Messages https://www.mindtools.com/CommSkll/EmailCommunication.htm Next, as a project manager, create a new document and draft a “sample” email to your boss or co-worker, discussing: o how your internship experience is going, if you have already started your job; or o what you look forward to experiencing, if you just started in the last 7 days. (Assume you are working as project manager, for a forwarder service company in Hong Kong) You will be graded on the following areas: o Appropriate subject line o Clarity o Length o Tone o Word choices and context o Spelling, grammar, usage and sentence structure o White space usage – clutter free message

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